Deluxe Rolling Spin Mop

Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning Made Easy

Who says cleaning has to be a chore? With two ultra-absorbent microfiber mop heads, a scrub brush that’s perfect for grout and title, and a beautifully designed wringer bucket, our all-in-one system will leave your home sparkling clean!


  • Designed for Convenience

    Featuring our innovative, patented mop plate technology, you can now spin, dry and wash the mop heads with just one hand! The bucket even includes a special release valve, saving you the potential mess and trouble of dumping out old, dirty water.

  • Quick and Versatile

    Lightweight and easy to transport, our wringer bucket includes a pulley handle and rolling wheels for hassle-free mobility! Great on multiple surfaces and designed to prevent spillage, you’ll effortlessly clean dirt, dust and pet hair in any room.

  • Premium Quality

    Unlike most of our competitors, we use stainless steel to construct our dust mop and handle. The result is a high quality product that’s durable and resistant to stains, rust and odor! With an expandable 56” handle, you’ll reach under the bed and behind furniture with ease.


Can these mop heads be put in the washer for cleaning?

Absolutely. The Topmop mop head is machine washable.

What is the dimension of the bucket?

Topmop has one solution bucket with dimensions 19.5 x 11.2 x 10.5 inches.

When wringing the mop head, where does the excess water go to?

When you wring the mop head the excess water goes into the solution bucket.

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